Domestic and International Fund Offering for:

Energy, Commercial Real Estate and other Sectors for Debt/Equity Transactions.


Megha Capital function as transactional facilitators through the following capital providers:

Boutique Capital Providers
Institutional Investors
International Venture Philanthropy

Funds are available domestically in USA and Globally for:

Oil & gas, co-generation, renewable, waste to energy, geo thermal and any large scale energy related projects as well as civic infrastructures, commercial real estate, maritime, aviation, highways and transportation, healthcare, water, education, telecommunication, agriculture and other lucrative industries not mentioned.

Send your business plan or executive summary for project approval to:




Venture philanthropy funding...  Deployment of capital are for larger energy projects, public private partnerships or sovereign governments legacy infrastructure projects or any sustainable green energy projects and not limited to schools, hospitals or healthcare infrastructure and affordable multi-family housing developments. This unique venture philanthropy capital will provide funds on qualified projects absent of principal and interest charges or repayment plan.  

Send us a copy of your project executive summary and one page cost analysis broken out by SOFT cost and HARD cost, contact information for your Governmental Entity “supporter” (name of Entity, name of contact, phone number, email, etc.) and a copy of your full, detailed Project/Business Plans for project approval.  

Minimum Funding: $15M

Maximum Funding: $500M